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Crash this train

I hope you find what you’re lookin for when it all comes runnin down
I hope you find it painted black on your window, or the lips of your lovers frown
Cuz if it dies in cold, when the clouds start to roll.
Is it then that your soul, starts to bleed?

Have you ever seen the President who killed your wounded child?
Or the man that crashed your sisters plane claimin he was sent of god?
And when she died in your arms, late that night in the dark,
did you pray to your God to come home?
Cuz it ain’t fair to say, that these tracks are the same.


So god if you can hear me crash this train
said god if you can hear me crash this train.

Now a note to the President, and the Government, and the judges of this place.
We’re still waitin for you to bring our troops home, clean up that mess you made.
Cuz it smells of blood and money across the Iraqi land.
But its so easy here to blind us with your “United We Stand”

And it ain’t hard to see that this Country ain’t free.


So god if you can hear me crash this train
said god if you can hear me crash this train.

To the mothers and the fathers who done the best they could.
Raisin youngins in a messed up world, it ain’t so understood.
So I’ll cover my ears, and my eyes, pretend that loves the same.
Cuz with one courts signature, it all becomes erased.

And it ain’t hard to tell,
when its love we sell.


So god if you can hear me, crash this train
Said god if you can hear me crash this train.
God if you can hear me crash this train.
I said God if you can hear me crash this train.

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"Nake nula wauŋ welo!"

"Nake nula wauŋ welo!" - misunderstood as "today is a good day to die…" - Actually this Sioux war cry is grossly misunderstood - it means literally "I am ready for whatever may come." It is optimism in the face if overwhelming pessimism or odds - a zen sense of acceptance of fate without abdication accompanied with a will to fight to the end. This phrase spoke to me this week… I hope by sharing it may help you. Don’t worry about me friends, I’m ok and believe me I will fight to the very very end.

- Peace

the most lovely message ever

This week has been tough - juggling the triple threat of divorce, unemployment a startup and a new city (wait is that 4?) I really felt the weight. Then, in the strangest turn of events, unbidden I received the following message on Facebook from someone i hired when he was just a kid at Schematic.  Brooks

Hey there.
I’m not sure if this is the best way to reach you these days, but I had the need to send you a note.
I was talking to someone about startups in LA, and they asked me what started it for me, and it dawned on me that that entrepreneurial spirit started with you. You were the first person to involve me in true equity participation in something, to give me that potential for ownership, to show me the benefits from long-term gains from my hard work. To this day, I still draw form that experience and from those funds.

It’s coming up on the 10 year anniversary of that gift of participation, and I just thought I’d take this chance to thank you.
Thank you.

The thing that drives me, and most entrepreneurs I think is our strange ability to effect change, hopefully for the better. Brooks, words arent’ appropriate to extend my thanks for your thanks. And to be clear, the pleasure was all mine.

What I wish I’d known when I was younger…

Stolen from someone’s Facebook - Brilliant!

"Oh inner teenage rebel, you just didn’t know what you were missing all these years. When you stopped fighting society and started recognizing that we’re all in this together, and there is in fact a way to navigate around while keeping the integrity of your true self, the very goals you felt were being oppressed are starting to come to fruition"

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